I was born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma as a member of the Cherokee Nation.  I have transplanted to Southern California and decided to become vocal about two things:  Obama’s amazing position on First American rights, and the hurtful media attacks on the Cherokee Nation in regards to the Freedmen issue.

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  1. Someone on the huffingtonpost.com provided a link to this site. Having lived in SE AK for 8 years I was curious about the native vote and views on Palin. You might find it interesting to know that a friend of mine on the salmon treaty committee told me that ADF&G didn’t want any of Palin’s input due to the fact that she would mess up the entire negotiation process. I know that doesn’t help with subsitance issues, but for what it’s worth thought you might find it interesting that even the commercial guys don’t feel that she knows what she is doing.
    I am married to an ex-Bristol Bay fisherman and we have both fished throughout the state. In fact, my husband’s seining career started on a native owned boat in Southeast. Not only does he have those folks from Annette Island to thank for taking on a white boy, but for teaching him a job that he had for over 20 years.

    We both feel that subsitance rights for all natives in Alaska are not only very important, but a birth right.
    I will bookmark your site. I miss getting Native news from NPR since we left Alaska, keep up the good work.

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